1st KJYPA Conference Online 2022(22nd Korea-Japan Young Psychiatrists' Conference) Korea-Japan Young Psychiatrist Academy Oct 5th 2022 Wednesday, 13:30-18:00




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Dear colleague

The Korea Japan Young Psychiatrists’ Conference (KJYPC) had been held continuously, providing opportunities to many young psychiatrists from Korea and Japan to exchange, share experience, make friends each other since 2000 to 2019. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has covered all over the world, this meaningful conference has been cancelled since 2020, unfortunately.

This time, we have decided to hold the 1st KJYPA Conference online (22nd Korea Japan Young Psychiatrists’ Conference) on 5th Oct (Wed) 13:30~18:00. It is still difficult to meet face to face, but we can do something for our own friendship. Some of speakers will visit Fukuoka and do some lectures via online. Participation fee is free to participate with zoom. Condolence of Prof. Masahisa Nishizono (1928-2022; the founder of this conference), Plenary lecture of Prof. Tomohiro Nakao (Kyushu University), OB Lectures (Prof. Seok Woo Moon, Prof. Tae Young Choi, and A/Prof. Takahiro Kato), young psychiatrists’ case presentations, short talk session of members will be included in this program. We are looking forward to seeing many participants from Korea and Japan! For members who are difficult to fit the schedule, on-demand (video) distribution will be available.

Korea Japan Young Psychiatrists’ Academy (KJYPA), Japan branch
Representative Facilitator: Takahiro A. Kato
Facilitators: Muneyuki Suzuki, Michiko Fujimoto


Opening Remarks Prof. Seok Woo Moon and A/Prof. Takahiro A. Kato (Organizers of KJYPA)
Introduction about KJYPA A/Prof. Kato, Dr. Suzuki & Dr. Fujimoto (Condolence for Prof. Masahisa Nishizono)
Plenary Lecture

Prof. Tomohiro Nakao (Professor and Chair of Dept. Neuropsychiatry, Kyushu University)

A biological and clinical investigation into OCD and Hoarding during the COVID-19 pandemic

OB’s Lectures

Prof. Seok Woo Moon (Konkuk University Chungju Hospital)

Brain Structure and Allelic Associations in Alzheimer’s Disease


Prof. Choi (Catholic University of Daegu)

Internet and Gaming Addiction in Korea

Hikikomori in Japan and worldwide

A/Prof. Takahiro A. Kato (Kyushu University)

Internet and Gaming Addiction in Korea

Case Presentation 1 (Japan)

Chair: Dr. Muneyuki Suzuki

Dr. Ryuzo Yokoyama (Kyushu University Hospital)

Translator: Prof. Heyon Ki

Case Presentation 2 (Korea)

Chair: Prof. Tae Ho Kim

Dr. Jung Yeon Moon (Catholic University of Daegu)

Translator: Prof. Heyon Ki

Short Talk Session

Chair: Dr. Michiko Fujimoto

Closing Remarks

Prof. Seok Woo Moon and A/Prof. Takahiro A. Kato (Organizers of KJYPA)

Closing time


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